Developing Arizona's Human Capital:
the Art and Science of Innovation



Amy Wilkinson Crack the Code of Innovation!

Amy Wilkinson, a strategic advisor, entrepreneur, and lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, has intensely studied over a five-year period innovation and entrepreneurial success. The Creator's Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs 'A leading talent of her generation... a fresh, insightful book' - David Gergen, political commentatoris the culmination of these years of focused study which included more than 200 extensive interviews as well as analysis of academic research from a variety of fields of study. Both her book and her presentation make complex ideas simple by illustrating vivid stories of individual success. In her keynote address she brings the wisdom uncovered through her research to Arizona's leaders.

'Amy Wilkinson promises brilliant insight and delivers. If you are an entrepreneur or executive working to stay ahead of the curve, read this book ASAP!' - Joanne Barsh, McKinsey & Company Director Emeritus A significant finding of Ms. Wilkinson's research is that creators are not born with an innate ability to conceive and build, they work to develop it. She will explain the fundamental approaches to the act of creation. These skills can be learned, practiced, and passed on. She found that individuals share the ability to learn and work at building these skills and that when a creator brings together all six skills, something magnetic occurs.

Rewiring the Arizona Labor Market
Labor markets both around the world and in Arizona have not kept pace with the shifts presented in the global economy. People cannot find work, and yet sectors from technology to health cannot find people to fill open positions. Many who do work feel over qualified or underutilized. These issues along with an excessive number of disconnected youth, are under scrutiny in Arizona and solutions are being planned and tested including enhanced corporate/ education connections, use of enriched online talent platforms, a focus on connecting youth with high wage middle skill jobs, and more. Hear from leaders in Arizona about innovations that are underway.

2016 Legislative and Policy Agenda
This panel discussion will include Senator Kelli Ward, Representative Bob Thorpe, and Policy Advisor Dawn Wallace. Education leaders will have the opportunity to preview their legislative and policy agendas for the 2016 legislative session, as well as discuss the previous session's outcomes. Questions may be posed by the audience.
Dawn Wallace, Education Policy Advisor Representative Bob Thorpe Senator Kelli Ward

Learn About Arizona Innovations:
  • A New Policy Framework for Student Financial Aid in Arizona
  • Saving for College: Two Approaches for Fostering Family Saving
  • Policy Recommendations to Erase the Achievement GAP: New Data and Conversation with AMEPAC
  • Promoting Pathways to Economic Success: Promising Policies and Practice
  • A Five Point Plan: Making an Impact in the Community
  • Creating a Culture of Postsecondary Education Expectations One High School at a Time
  • Vision 2025: Arizona Comes of Age
  • Advancing the Economy Through Attainment
Ann Meyers Drysdale
Ann Meyers Drysdale
Vice President of the Phoenix Mercury and Phoenix Suns will wrap up the conference with her personal story at the final luncheon.

Presented by the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education

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